Beth Pettengill Riley



Six Month Continuum Apprenticeship with Beth

“When you want to know something, you become like it in every way” - Emilie Conrad


The organism is context created and context related. Placing ourselves in the context of apprenticeship, we can begin to let the mystery, the sorcery, if you will, of the biological, fluid reality of our inherent capacity as living systems become the true teacher and the authentic path to follow.

It is in this tradition I am offering a 6 month apprenticeship for those wanting to deepen the work in their own bodies and lives with a desire to be of service to the world and assist in changing the human landscape towards a more fluid and inclusive way of moving and being.

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (French: L'apprenti sorcier) is a symphonic poem in the key of F minor by the French composer Paul Dukas, written in 1897. It is a fantastic piece of music, made famous by the early Disney /animation “Fantasia”.In times gone by apprenticeship was the common path to mastery in a given profession. In Yoga we have used the word Devotee or Disciple. Both imply the process of becoming. The root of the words being love and discipline.

In 1977, when I met Baba Hari Dass and poured myself into the path of Yoga and the creation of Mt Madonna Center, a spiritual calling led me to study. The inquiry and answers to the questions on that path were and are revealed in the way I live my life, day by day, moment by moment. There was no money exchanged or big material sacrifice. A life of service was the path – Karma Yoga. Studying Sutras, 8 limbs and practices of Raj Yoga as well as Asana honed my understanding of Yoga on every level: Yoga means union - the seeker and the sought becoming one thing.

Apprenticeship in the way of the ancient traditions allowed me to fine tune and immerse myself in the fluid medium of Continuum.  The essence of apprenticeship was summed up in Emilie’s instruction: “When you want to know something, you become like it in every way” to such an extent that the alchemical process of turning a lump of clay into a transmitting substance was refined again and again. After 8 years of intensive fluid movement immersion, Emilie asked me to begin teaching in 1986 – long before teacher training programs were all the rage - no modules, no counting hours, no certifications.

As in the modern world stamps of approval are sometimes necessary, if you are interested in certifications, accumulating hours and becoming part of the Continuum Teachers Association, a world-wide collective of teachers who have apprenticed with Emilie Conrad, I invite you to inquire into the more formal “Soul of Continuum” Immersion Support program.

If you simply would like to go deeper into the well of your own personal practice and refine your understanding and live in a moment-to moment fluid Continuum – let’s spend time together.

Taking applications now for the 2020 Apprenticeship.

Monthly meetings online January - June, 2020  

Please wait to make a payment until you have been notified of acceptance to the program.


The Offering

  • You are invited to all classes and workshops led by me during the 6 month period you are enrolling in.

  • We will also be meeting monthly online to converse, move and breathe with what’s arising.

  • You are welcome to email me at any time to arrange additional support via phone or online via zoom.

A Note on Scope of Practice 

This is not a therapeutic environment, although healing is bound to occur in this context.

If you have specific issues related to your well-being you would like to have addressed, we can schedule an individual Continuum session and establish a protocol to approach the issue through the lens of a biologically based movement practice.


$600, total, for monthly sessions and additional coaching (class tuition is paid separately)

What others are saying:

The 6-month apprenticeship with Beth was a nurturing, safe and intimate space to explore somatic and fluid movement. It was refreshing to share time monthly with other apprentices with similar interests... to drop into a different language and practice than what’s required of us in our day-to-day lives. Beth’s guidance was illuminating, grounding and encouraging. The richness of knowledge that comes from learning different sounds, movements and anatomies is invaluable, and the opportunity to spread this work to others is an important form of activism. I highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone looking to dive deeper into themselves, to explore their own fluidity, and to develop the resilience needed to tap into these parts of ourselves when we’re under the pressure and demands of everyday life.
— M Waldhorn, Santa Cruz CA
This apprenticeship program has opened a door I have longed for for many years.  By joining you and the others I’ve devoted myself to a practice I only dreamt of up until now. It took you, and my dedication to the program, to shift me from longing into belonging. I am now one of the many Continuum practitioner around the world living this dream.   
— J Lewis, Ahshand, Ore
I am learning to see. I don’t know why it is, but everything enters me more deeply and doesn’t stop where it once used to.
— Rainer Maria Rilke