The Body is a River: The Yoga of Continuum and the 3 Anatomies

When & Where

Breathe Together
14107 Winchester Blvd
Los Gatos, CA 95032

A series of 3 consecutive Sundays
July 21, 28 and August 4, 2019
1:30-4:30 pm each day

In this 3 – part workshop you will cultivate fluid flexibility; discover how to awaken creativity and innovation and facilitate trust in your body’s inherent wisdom, enhancing your practices of yoga, meditation and beyond through the cultivation of a unitive consciousness. Practicing Continuum increases vitality and resilience and provides a safe environment for growth and renewal.

Continuum blends a range of subtle intrinsic movements with more dynamic movement expressions and a rich variety of breaths and sounds, to awaken the experience of the body as a creative process. Emilie Conrad earthed the work of Continuum through her training as a dancer in New York and Haiti in the early 60’s. She discovered the intrinsic wave motions of transformation and healing could be accessed by everyone and open a field of awareness that includes the body as an on-going bio-spiritual process.

Each of the days will be dedicated to practicing yoga and movement through the lens of one of the 3 anatomies: Cultural, Primordial and Cosmic.

As we explore, the primordial and healing movement of water, out of which organismic life grew and through which we continue to be nourished and restored, can come forward and reveal our greatest health.

Utilizing breath, sound, movement, meditative open attention, discussions, visual presentations and perceptual inquiry, this 3 - part series provides an opportunity to expand our own understanding of our bodies as creative processes through which we can affirm a continuous stream of movement connecting, refreshing and invigorating our practice and our lives.