May we learn to return and rest in the beauty of animal being, learn to lean low, leave our locked minds, and with freed senses feel the earth breathing with us. May we enter into lightness of spirit and slip frequently into the feel of the wild.
— John O'Donahue

Why A Continuum Retreat?

We are born moving. Movement is a primary language that connects our inner and outer worlds: a reflection of the neurological underpinnings of our human expression and a pathway that connects us to the places, spaces, and people we love. During a Continuum retreat we can create, and recreate, aspects of our lives in response to our own direct experience held within a creative shared field of inquiry.

During all the retreats here you can discover how contemplative practices promote compassion, and how movement is an immediate portal to the direct experience of the body—the present moment. Continuum practice is mindful movement: increasing our awareness and focusing our attention on the deepest stirrings beneath each impulse, movement, and action, to cultivate fluid presence.

Why Retreat?

Taking a pause in the busyness of our lives allows us to touch anew the truth of our own primary well-being, the fundamental fluid nature that is always available when called on if we know how to partner with it.

Expand your physical and psychic capacities, in ways that the “usual mind” cannot, through:

  • Guided and self-guided fluid movements, breath and sound explorations, and gentle yoga practices

  • Embodied silence and nature reflections that access vitality, spontaneity, and wholeness

  • Exercises that increase engagement and celebration in your physical experience

  • Awakened resilience, curiosity, innovation, and trust in your embodied wisdom.

This is an open invitation to slow down,

grow awareness, and focus attention on each

impulse to truly meet the present moment

with your whole, embodied self.